The dangers of relying upon scanned text searches

With all of the on-line documents out there, it is tempting to avoid the sitting-in-a-library-and-reading-miles-of-microfilms approach to newspaper research, and replace it with using text searches on digital newspapers, texts and other scanned material. There is some merit to that: saves time, microfilms readers can be annoying to use, and you can do your research… Continue reading The dangers of relying upon scanned text searches


Okay, so the corrections on the newspaper post have begun already.  Apparently the "New Brunswick"newspaper links I received (and reproduced) are for the city in New Jersey, not the province in Canada.I'll fix them soon.

Where did the dangers of drugs come from?

In the next little while I'll be musing on the origins of the idea that drugs, and especially drug addiction, is a problem.  there has been a lot of work on this, so I am going over very charted territory. My concern is that the work on the idea of the "discovery of addiction" as… Continue reading Where did the dangers of drugs come from?

Why the harsh new criminalization is dumb

I was recently asked why the federal Conservatives are so hell bent on pushing criminal legislation that includes 1980s era penalties for selling drugs.  More specifically, the new legislation will make mandatory minimum sentences for possession of moderate amounts of drugs like marijuana.  I guess having six plants makes you a trafficker, and there is… Continue reading Why the harsh new criminalization is dumb