Funding disclosure

In the next few years this blog will get more substantial.  I just received funding from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to continue my research work in the history of drug policy pre-1911.  This will include creating and making digitally available substantial reference material relating to the history of pharmaceuticals and drugs more generally.

The material on this blog, while funded by SSHRC, in no way reflects the policy or perspectives of the Government of Canada.  It is an intersection of academic historical work and current observations.

Recently there has been some discussion in the USA about the need for political bloggers to state their funding sources. With that in mind, and because I have nothing to hide, I am stating the following

In the spirit of academic freedom I can attest that there is no hidden agenda or puppet master’s strings behind this blog.  The views on this site, unless specifically referenced to others, are those of me alone.

This disclaimer should make our Tory overlords happy, although my opinions on their policies may not.

(c) Dan Malleck, 2012.

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